MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

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Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons - BAHAMUT Expansion Figure (1) (DnD és más fantasy figurák / DnD and Other Fantasy Miniatures)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons - BAHAMUT Expansion Figure (1)

Kategória: DnD és más fantasy figurák / DnD and Other Fantasy Miniatures

Ár: 23990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 24300

Attack Wing Dungeons & Dragons Expansion Pack

Bahamut, King of Good Dragons, comes alive on the tabletop battlefield with this premium figure from the D&D Attack Wing line!

Battle against the endless hordes of evil monsters at the side of Bahamut, the King of Good Dragons, and his benevolent followers to put an end to the plots of Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, and her tyrannous reign in the Forgotten Realms.

This all new D&D Attack Wing premium figure features powerful upgrades, abilities, and token to bring your adventures to epic proportions! This powerful dragon sits upon a 6` x 6` base, the largest D&D Attack Wing base to date! In addition to his immense size, Bahamut can stop throngs of enemies in their tracks with his cold breath and disintegration breath attacks, and even crush his enemies under his enormous body. This divine dragon can also turn the tide of a losing battle by using his potent arcane and divine powers to cast wish or holy aura.

Will the potent spellcasting of Bahamut and the forces of his good allies overcome the evil treachery of Tiamat and her sinister cult?

These fantastic pre-painted premium figures stand several inches tall and tower over all of the other D&D Attack Wing expansion pack miniatures. The perfect encounter for your next adventure, or the perfect ally to your force. The D&D Attack Wing Premium Figures are beautiful display pieces as well!

The D&D Attack Wing version of the Premium Figures also come with additional play materials such as Cards, Tokens, Maneuver Dials, and a 6” x 6” D&D Attack Wing base.

Pack Contents:
* 1 Pre-painted Plastic Miniature: Bahamut
* 1 Transparent Base with Peg
* 2 Maneuver Dials
* 25 Tokens
* 1 Creature Card: Bahamut
* 1 Maneuver Card: Ground / Flight
* 6 Upgrade Cards
- Cold Breath
- Crush
- Disintegration Breath
- Holy Aura
- King of the Good Dragons
- Wish
* 1 Reference Card: Bahamut

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