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Descent 2nd Ed. - STEWARDS OF THE SECRET Hero and Monster Collection (Angol táblás játékok / Boardgames)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Descent 2nd Ed. - STEWARDS OF THE SECRET Hero and Monster Collection

Kategória: Angol táblás játékok / Boardgames

Ár: 10500 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 28043

Some say they’ve seen the whole of Terrinoth. They are blind.
~ Seer Kel

In the days of Terrinoth’s troubled past, the mad sorcerer Devis sought to create a race of utterly loyal and terrible minions that would serve him without question. His experiments created terrifying monsters that ravaged the realm until a band of heroes destroyed them and their dark master. With a forbidden rite, the heroes bound Devis’s evil knowledge within their own minds, becoming the order of the Stewards. For years, Terrinoth was spared the depredations of these monsters, but now an ancient evil rises to oppose the heroes and unveil the secret they have long protected.

Stewards of the Secret is a new Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, inviting you and your friends to take a part in the story of the Stewards. This expansion includes fourteen sculpted plastic figures—four heroes, three blood apes, three nagas, and four ferrox. Like other Hero and Monster Collections, these heroes and monsters hail from the first edition of Descent, now introduced to the game’s second edition with updated artwork and figure sculpts. With two brand-new quests to supplement your existing games of Descent, Stewards of the Secret challenges every hero and overlord player with new tactics and opportunities.

Shards of Everdark contains:
* Four heroes of Terrinoth with detailed figures and character sheets
* Three complete monster groups with monster cards (Blood Ape, Naga, ferrox)
* Two new quests.


Each Hero and Monster Collection includes heroes and monster groups previously only available in the first edition of Descent, now updated for the second edition of the game.

Each hero and monster features completely new artwork and figure sculpts, matching the aesthetic of Descent Second Edition. In addition to the heroes and monsters, each Hero and Monster Collection offers two brand new quests, highlighting the powers and abilities of the heroes and monsters included in the expansion. These quests can be played individually, or integrated into a campaign by using Rumor cards.

A host of heroes stand ready to answer the call of adventure, but new monsters emerge from the shadows to oppose them. Every Hero and Monster Collection unlocks new opportunities for you to strategize with the unique abilities of heroes and monsters. Unleash the monsters and join the heroes!

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