MTG - Booster Pack - BATTLEBOND

MTG - Booster Pack - BATTLEBOND

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DRAKERYS STARTER SET: Ashral Orcs vs. Paladinate of Irosia (2 pl) (Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! DRAKERYS STARTER SET: Ashral Orcs vs. Paladinate of Irosia (2 pl)

Kategória: Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games

Ár: 26990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 30159

Drakerys is set in a fantasy world where Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Humans reign over ancient kingdoms. Elemental magic created the world and went to slumber for centuries, leaving myths about dreadful and marvelous creatures ruling over the living. Everybody knows fairies and trolls are just stuff of legends, right? Wrong! A few weeks ago, an adventurer awoke a powerful dragon and triggered a chain of events leading to the destruction of an empire. Magic is returning in a world shaken by sudden chaos. Armies are assembling to repel the awakening creatures and seize power!

In Drakerys, each player choose a camp, gather miniature troops and takes the lead against other players in story-driven battles. The terrain setting, as well as the victory conditions, are given by the battle scenario all players agreed upon. The fate of warriors is determined by dice-rolling and combat rules. As a war leader, you’ll need tactical insight and a bit of luck to win!

The Starter Box contains everything you’ll need to discover miniature games and enjoy Drakerys. Two armies are featured with fully assembled miniatures: the Human paladins of Irosia and the wild Orcs of Ashral. They are pitted against each other in a campaign to conquer a mysterious archipelago filled with danger, secrets about the magical events to come, and countless treasures. The winning camp will take an advantage in the beginning war.

The old world will soon crumble. It’s a time of heroes. Will you be the king of tomorrow? Find out with Drakerys!

The game uses classic fantasy army building with an fresh twist: players use a special Action Wheel to determine whose turn is it to play and what units can do. The same player can play several times in a row or execute glorious feats at the price of increased risks, or use a more cautions approach to moving his army. This unforeseen game mechanic sets a new vision in fantasy gaming strategies.


* 10 conscripts
* 5 conscript with bow
* 2 minotaurs
* Karya, paladin champion

* 12 Orc warriors
* 3 Orc brutes
* Induna, Ashral shaman

ELEMENTAL HERALDS (can join any army)
* Fire Elemental
* Water Elemental

* Game material
* Rulebook
* Campaign book
* Terrain layout poster
* Time Path tile
* 10 dice
* Tape measure
* Game cards
* Counters

32mm hard plastic miniatures.
Miniatures come assembled but not painted.
Sceneries not included.

Designers: Mohamed Ait-Mehdi, Pierre Joanne, Cédric Littardi, Nicolas Raoult

Boardgamegeek rating: 7,77

For 2 players
Ages: 14 & Up
Playing Time: appr. 45-60 minutes

Box language: German
English, French and Italian rules are here:

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