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MTG - Booster Pack - BATTLEBOND

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Durani Siege Mammoth (Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Durani Siege Mammoth

Kategória: Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games

Ár: 4990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 30177

Siege Mammoth

Refined through centuries of breaking enemy fortifications, the Siege Mammoth is the Empire’s master of area-of-effect attacks at long, medium, and short ranges. It excels at disrupting any enemy strategy that involves close grouping or attempting to hunker down in one place. It can lace enemy territory with cruel mines which inflict damage over time while also increasing the cost to leave the region, or it can punish opponents for stopping to call on the Ancient Ones’ aid with a mortar attack that deals extra damage in blessed or cursed regions. It can even adapt its shortest-range attack to bombard golems in its own region if the enemy tries to engage the Mammoth in melee. On top of these varied capabilities, all the Mammoth’s attacks ignore intervening cover, so its fearsome volleys spare no targets, no matter the terrain.

Strategy: The Siege Mammoth is very strong and offers a variety of powerful attacks, but it’s AP-intensive to use and has limited mobility. Make the most of its area-of-effect attacks when you can target multiple enemy golems, and take care not to raise the Mammoth’s cooldowns too high by using the same attack more than once. It may be best to refrain from letting the Mammoth loose an all-out attack until you’re sure it’ll finish off the enemy.

Dodge: 6
Armor: 14
Hit Points: 120

Movement Abilities:
* Walk (2AP): 3 mp

Attack Abilities:
* Entrapping Mines (2AP): 85 acc, 0 dmg, 4 rng. For 3 rounds, Enemy Golems remaining in the target Region take 15 Damage per Round. Leaving the Region costs +1 AP.
* Mana Mortar (3AP): 75 acc, 30 dmg, 3 rng. This attack gains 10 Damage if the Target Region contains a Blessing or a Curse. If gains no bonus if both a Blessing and a Curse are in the same Region.
* Adaptive Volley (1AP): 80 acc, 30 dmg, 2 rng. If Enemy Golems are in the Mammoth’s Region, this attack may only Target Enemies in this Region.

Passive Abilities:
* Mortar Fire: All of the Mammoth’s attacks ignore a target’s bonus to Dodge from the intervening Cover.

Found in Durani – Champions of the Western Wind

1 Prepainted plastic miniature (40mm base)

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