MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

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KINGSPORT FESTIVAL (3-5) (Angol táblás játékok / Boardgames)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! KINGSPORT FESTIVAL (3-5)

Kategória: Angol táblás játékok / Boardgames

Ár: 17990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 31249

H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport Festival Concept:
Players take the role of cultists attempting to invoke unthinkable horrors. Yes, it’s called Kingsport Festival, but only the truly twisted would call this profane celebration a party. A dread terror calls from the places between the stars and demands your submission. It’s up to you, and your fellow cultists, to summon all manner of otherworldly terrors. Valiant investigators will attempt to thwart you at every opportunity, but will you let them?

Design and Style:
The game’s design is inspired by the wonderfully terrible works of H.P. Lovecraft. With beautiful, distinctive art and an easy-to-grasp play style, the game is designed to allow players to focus on the important thing – unleashing chaos and mayhem in Kingsport!

Playing Details:
Games last 12 rounds, each divided into 6 phases. Take turns rolling dice, giving gifts, losing sanity points, receiving rewards, and paying resources. After a raid takes place, calculate your Strength and receive a reward or suffer the penalty. The Cultist who has the most Cult points is the winner.

Contents and Specifications:
* Rulebook and Game Board
* 20 Eldger God Sheets
* 1 board with punch outs: 16 Building Tiles, 5 Cult Tokens, 4 Raid Markers
* 110 game cards
* 6 wooden cylinders in 6 colors
* 75 wooden disks in 5 colors
* 65 Domain cubes in 3 colors
* 15 dice in 5 colors

Designers: Andrea Chiarvesio, Gianluca Santopietro

Boardgamegeek rating: 6,8

Players: 3-5
Ages: 12+
Playing Time: appr. 90 minutes
Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups

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