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VAMPIR MAU MAU (2-4) (German Edition) (Egyéb angol játékok)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! VAMPIR MAU MAU (2-4) (German Edition)

Kategória: Egyéb angol játékok

Ár: 3250 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 31462

Wer über Holzpflock und Blutkonserven verfügt, ist klar im Vorteil. Denn die Nacht naht – und mit ihr eine ganze Schar skurriler Blutsauger. In Vampir Mau Mau treffen 2-4 Vampire aufeinander und schenken sich nichts. Mit dem Ziel, die eigenen Handkarten loszuwerden, kommt es nicht immer gelegen, dass man stets Symbol oder Farbe einer gespielten Karte bedienen muss. Zusätzlich hat jeder Vampir eine besondere Fähigkeit, mit deren Hilfe er versucht, den anderen immer einen Biss voraus zu bleiben.

Mit Vampir Mau Mau erhält der beliebte Kartenspielklassiker eine Frischzellenkur. Mit Tag-Nacht- Wechsel und individuellen Charakterfähigkeiten werden neue, spannende Impulse gesetzt und die witzigen Illustrationen bekannter Film-Vampire – von Kinski über Blade bis Edward – machen das einfache, schnelle Familienkartenspiel auch optisch zu einem Highlight.


Whoever has the wooden stake and banked blood has a clear advantage in Vampir Mau Mau because night is approaching and with it a whole host of bizarre bloodsuckers.

This game keeps the same basic gameplay as Mau Mau, with players trying to get rid of their hand of cards by matching the icon or color of the card previously played, but each player vampire has a special ability to try to get an edge on everyone else.


The game is played with a regular deck of playing cards. The players are dealt each a hand of cards (usually 5). The rest are placed face down as the drawing stack. At the beginning of the game the topmost card is revealed, then the players each get a turn to play cards.

One can play a card if it corresponds to the suit or value of the open card. E.g. on a 10 of spades, only other spades can be played or other 10s. If a player is not able to, they draw one card from the stack. If he can play this card, he may do so, otherwise he keeps the drawn card and passes his turn. If the drawing stack is empty, the playing stack (except for the topmost card) is shuffled and turned over to serve as new drawing stack.

However, there are a large quantity of unusual, and confusing rules. One may not speak of the rules, and the rules vary from group to group, and even within groups. A chairman (sometimes called the `Mau Master`) is usually elected before the first round, and generally whoever has won the previous round, is elected the new chairman. The chairman may edit the rules however he or she sees fit, but they still have to follow their own rules.

* 55 cards
* 8 large-format character cards
* 1 special card
* Rules

Designer: Peter Neugebauer

For 2-4 players
Ages: 8 & Up
Playing Time: appr. 20-30 minutes
Language Dependence: Some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet

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