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Time of Legends - THE SUNDERING Omnibus (Gav Thorpe) (Warhammer Fantasy)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Time of Legends - THE SUNDERING Omnibus (Gav Thorpe)

Kategória: Warhammer Fantasy

Ár: 4990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 31989

Warhammer Fantasy

When treachery strikes, the elven kingdom of Ulthuan is plunged into a bitter civil war that will change the destiny of the elf race – and the entire Warhammer World – forever.

Malekith, betrayer and usurper, architect of the great war that will forever divide the race of elves. Alith Anar, wrathful avenger whose spirit will forever haunt the traitorous druchii. Caledor, reluctant leader, the one elf who can hold back the darkness and restore peace to Ulthuan. Witch King, Shadow King and Phoenix King. Their deeds are legend. This is their story.

This mighty omnibus collects together the full account of the war that divided a race and changed the Warhammer world forever.

The full story of the war that divided a race and changed the Warhammer World forever... through the eyes of those at the heart of the conflict. Gav Thorpe's classic trilogy returns, including the first ever look through the eyes of the Witch King Malekith before he turned evil. It's like Horus Rising for Warhammer...

The Sundering Begins
Passed over to succeed as king, elf general Malekith is wracked by jealousy and bitterness. Under the pretence of rooting out the pernicious cult of pleasure that is corrupting elf society from within, Malekith plots his revenge. When he betrays Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar and attempts to seize power for himself, Malekith triggers a tragic sequence of events that plunges the realm of the elves into a civil war from which they will never recover.

When his family is betrayed and slain, Alith Anar, ill-fated orince of the Nagarythe, is forced to walk a dark path. He finds refuge in vengeance, seeking out the murderers of his kin and declaring war against an entire nation. The island of Ulthuan is locked in a bitter struggle with their evil counterparts, the druchii. While the noble high elf princes raise armies to defend their homeland from invasion, Alith Anar strikes from the shadows... for he is the Shadow King. Favoured by Isha, guided by Kurnous, he hunts his enemies from the darkness in a bloody quest for revenge without end.

The rise of the Druchii has driven the land of Ulthuan into a brutal civil war. As conflict rages through the cities and forests, sides must be chosen and old allegiances and friendships will be torn apart forever. After by the betrayal by Malekith and the murder of his court, Prince Imrik adopts the name of his grandfather, the mighty Caledor, and the bloodshed escalates. No elf can escape the fighting, and the mighty dragons are awakened to the call of battle once more. Only a confrontation between legends can decide the future of Ulthuan, with Malekith and Caledor meeting blade to blade in a long-overdue reckoning. But even worse is to follow, as Malekith launches a final, desperate plan to triumph...

About the Author:
Gav Thorpe has been rampaging across the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 for many years as both and author and games developer. His works include the hugely popular Angels of Darkness, The Last Chancers series and the ongoing epic tale of The Sundering.
He is currently laying low in Nottingham and avoiding the authorities while his mechnical hamster Dennis is hiding ouy in the Amazonian rainforest where he is worshipped as a god by several lost tribes of natives.

960 pages
Trade Paperback

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