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AVP - Predators (3) (Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! AVP - Predators (3)

Kategória: Egyéb figurás játékok / Other Miniature Games

Ár: 11500 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 32848

Regular hunters, ruthless killers.

Predators, also known as yautja, are an alien race that is best known for their hunting of the most dangerous prey in the galaxy, including humans and xenomorphs. These Hunts, as they are known, are done for honor, sport, and as a rite of passage for young Predators looking to become adults in their own right.

They are a sentient race that is humanoid in appearance, but larger than most actual humans in size, standing well over seven feet tall and weighing 300 lbs or more in many cases. They breathe an atmosphere that is similar to Earth’s, though with a higher degree of nitrogen. Their faces have been seen to have quill-like hair on their brows, cheeks, and chins. Their mouths have four mandibles they use to help communicate or to show emotion, several sharp teeth used to tear flesh, and a small, thin, snake-like tongue. Their elongated heads have a crown of thick bone and end in a mass of long appendages that have been nicknamed dreadlocks.

As with humans, their skin color can vary from light to dark hues, as well as striped and mottled patterns. While primitive and tribal in appearance, their technology is extremely advanced. Their armor and weapons are made from an alloy that is resistant to even the corrosive effects of a xenomorphs acid blood. Most of them mount a plasma caster on their shoulder; a powerful energy cannon able to kill most of their enemies in a single shot that utilizes a high-tech, triple targeting laser to track their foes. Other weapons include combi-sticks, which are collapsible spears, and smart-disks that can eliminate multiple enemies in a single throw.

On their left arm, each yautja wears a wrist-gauntlet which allows them to access many different systems. It controls their cloaking ability, access and remote piloting control of their ships, local terrain layouts, and even contains a miniature nuclear explosive to ensure that their technology doesn’t fall into their enemy’s hands. Some more evolved Predators even incorporate a second set of wrist-blades or even more weaponry packed into them.

Set contains:
* 3x 32mm scaled plastic miniatures
* 3x plastic bases
* 3x ping tokens
* 3x stat cards

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