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Elric! - ELRIC BIG PACK (used) (Elric)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Elric! - ELRIC BIG PACK (used)

Kategória: Elric

Ár: 36990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 3752

Melnibone is an island, an archepelago set amidst the oldest ocean. ruler of the youg kningdoms for the past 10,000 years, Melnibone has seen the might of it's once all-powerful dragons wane. Their terrifying flights are no longer common, and the dragons sllep longer after each foray.
Imrryr, the Dreaming City, is the capital of Melnibone, it is rich beyond imagining, but its people are quiescent, slumbering in a stupor of neglect and decay.
Elric is emperor, 428th in line of direct-descent from the first dragon-lord. Elric is a brooding albino, unlike his ancestors in many ways. Yet in his hands rests the future. To be counted Elric's friend is to be found, dead.
Stormbringer is Elric's fearsome runesword, intelligent and malicious, with its own plan for tomorrow. Stormbringer is highly magical, harkening from an age when chaos held greater sway upon the world.
The Young Kingdoms are a handful of upstart nations, once part of the Bright Empire, who in the past few centuries have dared defy once-mighty Melnibone.

Gruesome Gamemaster Gobbets!
This package contains play aids, reference cards, forms, a map, and a new scenario for use with the ELRIC! (and Stormbringer) roleplaying games. Gamemasters and players will find tools inside which will make their game session play more quickly and easily, with no more fumbling through the book to find the rules. The various pieces included here are described below.
The GAMEMASTER'S SCREEN is a large 8.5` x 38` quick reference source containing the most commonly needed charts and rules.
FOUR STURDY RULES REFERENCE CARDS, measuring 8.5 x 11` summarize Spot Rules and listings needed by players and gamemaster alike.
A GAMEMASTER BOOKMARK presents a concise index of the most commonly accessed sections of the rulesbook (NOTE: the page references for this item will be incorrect when used with the Stormbringer rulesbook.
NEW CHARACTER RECORD SHEETS help make your non-player character record-keeping easier. The sheets included are titled: Bound Demons & Elementals, Rogues Gallery, Leaders & Followers, Squad, and Large Squad or Rabble.
MAP OF THE WORLD consists of an evocative double-sized 11 x 17` rendering of the world, drawn by the Uhaio Cartographer's Guild.
THE CURSE OF CHARDROS is a complete scenario that rounds out this kit, filled with enough horror and intrigue for an intense roleplaying session or two. It is perfect for starting out a new group of adventurers.

All Humans are enmeshed by powers, circumstances, and wills greater than they. A few bear this burden humbly. Because they do not struggle against fate, they find it to be of no consequence.
Two ELRIC! Adventures - Strange apparitions haunt the city of Raschil. An unusual source commissions the adventurers to stop the phenomenon. They journey to the famous university of Casandria and there attempt to gain possession of a Melnibonean Relic. Only the Book of Brilliant Things can staunch the flow of mysterious events and aid a friend in need.
A lovesick young nobleman finances a search across Ilmiora, the Sighing Desert, an the Weeping Waste in search of his true love. They must quest for a magical Lute, and ancient Hymn, and a Troubadour with no equal to restore a love lost. This traveling adventure makes a good introduction to the northern realms.
Maps included in this book portray a portion of the Northern Continent, and summary plan of the University of Casandria, details of the library, and city maps of Ilmar on the Pale Sea, Raschil, and Casandria. There are also many new illustrations and statistics, several new spells, and other source materials.

Sorcerers strive to understand the universe through unholy pacts with the lords and demons of chaos.
Now their ambition grows.
Their rune magic allows them to cast hideous spells directly upon a living being or inanimate object, cursing the unfortunate with the powers of the damned.
They speak with the dead, calling forth rotted cadavers to do their bidding and to divulge secrets from beyond the grave.
Now these sorcrerers search through the ancient tomes for yet greater power, dicovering new demon breeds and new infernal powers with which to imbue them.
Fools! They will be the end of all.
An expansion of the magic and 'supernatural' section for the Elric! game, and expand it does: over fifty new spells, new demons, new demon abilities, new enchanted items, and rules for rune magic and necromancy. There is also a small section on Tomes of spells.

ATLAS OF THE YOUNG KINGDOMS V1: The Northern Continent
The Northern Continent
ATLAS OF THE YOUNG KINGDOMS discusses the Sighing Desert, the Weeping Waste, heavenly Tanelorn, horrible Nadsokor (the kingdom of beggars), the ancient evil of Org and the Forest of Troos, free-trading and progressive Ilmiora, and the Lawful hell of dying Vilmir. Here in you may learn the origin of the Young Kingdoms and the great rebellion of Vil Valario, the ways of the people, histories, products, and attitudes, customs and holidays, provinces and towns, and important leaders. There are plot ideas and story seeds a plenty, scores of illustrations, full-page national and regional maps, city plans, a Lormyrian and a Melnibonean calendar, and a index. Lovingly and ingeniously written, a triumph of sustained creation.
This sourcebook (and all our others) is set about one year before the events in Elric of Melniboné. Terarn Gashtek has not begun his plan to conquer the Unknown East and Moonglum has not yet ventured into the Young Kingdoms.

Forgotten Foes of the Bright Empire
THE UNKNOWN EAST provides clues and details for that area of the Northern Continent dubbed The Unmapped East. It lies across the Sighing Desert from Kaarlak, the last abode of Elric and his wife Zarozinia. Each nation is given a chapter that reveals the background and politics of that nation as well as important points and notes on magic for that land.

ELRIC! is a previous edition of our Young Kingdoms roleplaying game, since retitled as Stormbringer. Both are based on the Basic Roleplaying System from Chaosium, and are similar and compatible.

The Core book is a used copy in good condition, all the accessories are unused, might be slightly shopworn.

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