MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

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Shadowrun 3rd Ed. - THREATS 2 (Shadowrun)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Shadowrun 3rd Ed. - THREATS 2

Kategória: Shadowrun

Ár: 5400 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 3892

Nothing to See Here... Move Along

`Everyone's got a dark secret, chummer. See that chromed-out razorgirl with the chain of fetishes? She could be a cultist who uses blood rituals to restore her lost magic. See that suit slugging down whiskey in the corner? He could be the errand-boy of some supra-governmental conspiracy to overthrow the NANs. And that freak behind you? Drek, chummer, he's not even human...`

Threats 2 describes twelve influential organizations and entities each pursuing their own secret agendas in the world of Shadowrun. These threats operate on many levels, from irritating spirits that affect magical foci to a deranged artificial intelligence that seeks to rebuild itself and take over the Matrix. These threats can be used as recurring villains or as powerful forces seeking to manipulate the characters for their own ends.

For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.

Pages: 112
Developer: Rob Boyle and Michael Mulvihill
Authors: Randall Bills, Rob Boyle, Steven Kenson Michelle Lyons, Jon Szeto, and others
Cover Artist: Marc Sasso

Introduction - by Rob Boyle

Threats 2 follows the same theme as the original Threats sourcebook for Shadowrun. It details various players in the Sixth World that operate in secrecy, pursuing far-reaching agendas. These threats are insidious and anonymous, pulling strings from the shadows and wielding terrifying magic, weapons or influence. Some of these threats are continuations of established plotlines and story arcs, while others are completely new and never-before described within the world of Shadowrun.

Threats 2 is presented as a series of electronic documents posted by Captain Chaos, sysop of the vast Shadowland archive and data haven-the number one source for shadowrunners on what's going on in the world of Shadowrun. The documents come from a variety of sources: stolen corporate reports, personal electronic journals, or accounts straight from a shadowrunner's mouth. These sources are each unique in outlook and perspective, and the reports come laden with their own particular prejudices and points of view. Each article is marked up with a running commentary by other runners who add to, revise and contradict the original post. These inserted comments add innuendo, allegations, opinions, rumors, misconceptions, misinformation, lies and sometimes even the truth to the information presented. It is left up to the gamemaster to decide what information is correct and which is just filling, as appropriate to his or her game.

Each threat is immediately followed by a Game Information section that provides rules and advice for using that threat in a Shadowrun campaign.

How To Use Threats 2
The threats described in this book can be introduced into a campaign in several ways. A threat may be used as a one-shot bad guy, the force behind a plot that the characters foil, either sending the threat packing or to the grave. Or a threat may serve as a constant force in the background, manipulating events and occasionally touching the characters' lives directly. The characters may never become fully aware of the threat's full extent, getting only small glimpses of its operations, pawns and plans. Alternately, the characters may become intimately embroiled with the threat, either as potential recruits and allies or as pesky foes that consistently foil the threat's plans. Some of the threats described make excellent recurring villians, and some even have the ability to return from beyond the grave.

Each threat includes a number of shadowtalk postings that point out additional possibilities for how the threat may be conceived or used. Gamemasters should decide whether these comments are simply unsubstantiated rumors or important facts. These shadowtalk postings may be used as information that characters learn during the legwork phase of an adventure. The gamemaster may also consider copying the threats as presented (minus the Game Information) and using them as player handouts.

In addition to the main Shadowrun, Third Edition, gamemasters will also find the following rulebooks helpful when using this book: Shadowrun Companion, Magic in the Shadows, Year of the Comet, Target: Awakened Lands, and Matrix.

* The Threats:
* General Saito
* Dissonant Voices
* Imps
* The Aleph Society
* Can You See the Real Me?
* One Nation Under God
* Betrayal
* Dealing with Dragons
* Beneath the False Face
* The Network
* Order of the Temple
* Those Who Have the Gold . . .

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