MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

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WHITE DWARF 300 (12/2004) (White Dwarf / Inferno)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! WHITE DWARF 300 (12/2004)

Kategória: White Dwarf / Inferno

Ár: 1850 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 4387

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's monthly hobby supplement, an essential publication for everyone who is interested in any aspect of the Games Workshop hobby. Modelling, painting, terrain building, new rules, scenarios and more from the Games Development Studio can be found within its hallowed pages, while the armies and models of hobbyists we showcase provide a wealth of inspiration and ideas to try out on your own forces. It's also your guide to the hobby community, providing you with information about clubs, hobby centres, events and tournaments so you need never be short of an opponent or someone to talk to about the best way to win Golden Demon.

With tons of supplementary material on armies, plus Games Workshop news and details of all our latest games and models, White Dwarf is not to be missed.

Special colossal 300th issue! This momentous issue carries three great freebies. Two double-sided posters and a quick reference sheet for Warhammer 40,000. This issue takes a look at the history of White Dwarf, both the magazine and the legendary character. We have a great campaign involving the Bretonnians and the next installment of Bugman's Lament. The tale of four gamers makes a return and The Rise of Sotek allows you to create a unique Lizardmen army. We take a close look at the Ultramarines and follow them in a battle report against Orks. We also investigate the Tribes of Harad in The Lord of the Rings and much much more.


* The Tribes Of Harad: Mat Ward returns with details of the tribes of Harad. From the Client Kings to the Corsairs of Umbar, the Haradrim are a varied people, although something they all share is a great resolve.

* Coastal Raids: Rules for using boats: In this, the first of two articles, we revisit the thrill of piratical raids with expanded rules for fighting on waterways from Gondor to the Lindon.

* Desperate Defence: A Lord of The Rings scenario: Adam Troke provides the third scenario in his three-part campaign following the brave Knights of Dol Amroth in their fight against the cruel Corsairs of Umbar. In this, the final scenario, Morathol and his remaining warriors must fight for their lives as Imrahil races to his rescue.

* Chronicles Of Middle-earth - The Saga Of Maethor: The journey of the Fellowship is the most awe-inspiring tale from Middle-earth, yet there are others whose feats were no less noble, if not as widely known. The documents of this unknown scribe describe one such man; Maethor, son of Baranir. Join us in this new scenario for your games.

* Charge Of The Mumakil: A Lord of The Rings scenario: We wanted to recreate the charge of the Mumakil at the Pelennor Fields from the film of The Return of The King. Only four men were mad enough to take up the challenge. Here's how Adrian Champion, Richard Heath, Anthony Barnes and Kevin Barraclough did us a grand job with 3 Mumakil and lots and lots of horses.

* Bugman's Lament part 3: The nefarious Goblin King, Git Guzzler, and his Goblin army are secretly marching on the brewery of Josef Bugman. Meanwhile our hero returns from the Empire aboard the river barge of Captain Grim Grunnson. In the third part of Bugman's Lament, Guzzler has sent Kap'n Skabend and his Goblin pirates to delay Bugman. Can the doughty Dwarf get past the Goblins in time to save his brewery?

* Feeding Time! An Ogre Kingdoms preview...: Phil Kelly gives us a peek at Ogre Kingdoms, the latest Warhammer Armies book, which details a race of unparalleled gluttony.

* Warhammer Chronicles: Lizardmen Sacred Spawnings: The Sacred Hosts of the Lizardmen are spawned under particularly auspicious portents, and are always destined to perform a critical task in the great plan of the Old Ones. Andy Hoare delves deeper into the secrets of he master of creation, bringing us background and official rules for using these most blessed of Lizardmen armies.

* Bretonnia In Flames: A Warhammer Campaign: Eric Sarlin, co-author of the General's Compendium, has created this map-based campaign set in Bretonnia, which uses the campaign rules found in chapter 2 of that volume. We've also given you a poster map, included free with this issue for this campaign.

* The Legend Of The White Dwarf: A Full colour 12 page comic strip for your edification!

* Hard As Stone: The White Dwarf: In this exciting saga of betrayal and grudge-making, we discover who the famed Grombrindal truly is as Gav Thorpe describes the origins of legendary White Dwarf, as well as rules for using him on the battlefield.

* A Tale of Four Gamers: An old favourite returns...: Rejoice White Dwarf readers! Your all-time favourite article series returns once more in new guise, with roads of adventure lying before for all-new gamers. Guy Haley introduces your to these lucky men.

* The Ultramarines At War: Investigating the Codex Astartes: The methods used by the Space Marines to fight the enemies of Mankind are laid down in the Codex Astartes, the great work penned by Roboute Guilliman. Here Pete Haines looks at the Ultramarines' art of war, and how the dictates of the Codex Astartes governs the ways in which these most formidable of Space Marines defend their star-spanning realm of Ultramar from attack.

* Dead By Dawn: A Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Games developers Graham McNeill and Pete Haines take to the field of battle in a brutal clash between the Ultramarines of the 2nd Company, and the Greenskins of Waaagh! Razzekai, led by Pete. The battle is a bloody, Dawn Attack, a new standard mission taken from the updated Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

* Da Boss Is Back!: Adrian woods updated Ork Army: The Orks are an army that have seduced many a supposedly sane individual. Whether it is their unashamed love of violence or the fact that 10 slugga boys can deliver 40 attacks with choppas on the charge, there is something very appealing about them. Adi Wood, once a White Dwarfer, is one of those gamers who love the Orks. He has borne the title of Grand Warlord for a long time and, with the release of the updated rules has decided to make a new army.

* The Madness Of King Artur: A Hobbyists entire Chapter: Sometimes we hear of something so extraordinary we just have to show you. This is one of those things. Artur Szyndler is a Pole who, for the want of a more concise word we will have to call mad. This man assembled and painted an entire Chapter of Blood Angels. Guy Haley talks to the man about his prodigiously-sized Games Workshop collection.

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