MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

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CYBERGENERATION Compilation (Cyberpunk)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! CYBERGENERATION Compilation

Kategória: Cyberpunk

Ár: 17990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 5119

* CYBERGENERATION 2nd Edition Core Book

My parents became cyberpunks and all they left me was this dark future...

The Incorporated States of America rules the land of the fast-gun techno-hero with a cybered fist. And a terrifying new plague sweeps the wasteland that streetkid America has inherited from the Edgerunners of 2020. Now, with amazing powers beyond mere cybertech - abilities that defy known science, a handful of angry juvegangers have Evolved to become the Cybergeneration; a generation born to the Street - raised on danger and deception, leading the battle to win back their world. The ISA is closing in, hunting them down to eliminate or control them. But these kids know the war's just beginning...
A new Cyberpunk gameworld with:
* 17 New `Yogang` Character Roles, including Gogangers, Megaviolents, Streetfighters, & EcoRaiders!
* New Nanotech Abilities & Powers!
* New Weapons, Netware and Street-Tech!
* New Adversaries & Allies for Corporate-Controlled America!
* More Roleplaying Action!
CyberGeneration: The Final Battle for the Cyberpunk future starts here.

* BASTILLE DAY Adventure
Rache Needs a Favor
Ace netrunner Spider Murphy is missing, and Rache Bartmoss, the schizophrenic spiritual leader of the Eden Cabal, wants the characters to find out what she's up to. But, as happens with so many of Rache's little projects, things rapidly get out of hand...
When the cyberkids pick up the trail, they find the steel-shod bootprint of one of the most powerful organizations in the post-modern world, and the only way to contact Spider may be to walk into the maw of the ISA dragon. All they'll have to do is avoid detection, find Spider, organize outside help and build an army out of nothing for Bastille Day - the liberation of the disenfranchised from the clutches of the Corporate State.
That's All. Just a Favor.
Bastille Day is an introductory adventure for Cybergeneration. Inside is everything you need to let your character help bring light to a dark future, including:
* A full free-form adventure putting the kids to-to-toe with an oppressive federal government
* A full, detailed map of your friendly neighborhood concentration camp.
* Two new Yogangs, the Moshers and the Trogs. (Betcha can't wait to party with 'em!)
* Loads of hints, advice and tactical notes for players and gamemasters alike.
* Spider Murphy's real name! (Ooooh!)
48 pages

* ECOFRONT Sourcebook
Warriors for Mother Earth
2027. The world's skies are black with acidic smog, the lakes choked with toxic runoff, and the forests mulched under the treads of corporate bulldozers. Now, it's time to carry the fight back to the ravagers of our planet as only the Cybergeneration can! And if they don't win this one, there won't be anything left to lose...
EcoFront is the first in a series of CyberGeneration supplements: The Documents of the Revolution. Each info-packed journal outlines a specific aspect of the CyberRevolution. In this volume, you get the basics on fighting the War for the Environment, with information on various Eco-groups, the state of the ecology, and the tools of bioengineering. You can run a strike with the EcoRaiders or party in a J-Park with the Beastieboys: junior genetic engineers who are rebuilding the ecosphere one species at a time. The battle is now in your hands.
So slap on your fatigues, grab your bioscanner, and call your faithful cyberhound, 'cause this is WAR!
The EcoFront Sourcebook includes:
* An entirely new Evolved type: the Scout.
* Two new Yogangs: the NeoPioneers and the Beastieboys.
* Rules for using animals as friends or foes.
* Info on the progress of the Carbon Plague and hints on where it came from.
* Lots of new technology, gear, and tactics.
* Rules for J-Parks: miniature animal preserves created by the yogangs.
* A complete, multi-part adventure which starts the characters on a quest for their own origins!
80 pages

* MEDIAFRONT Sourcebook
Take back your TVs!
2027. The nation's populace is fed an unending stream of propaganda and psychological sedatives via the myriad forms of electronic entertainment which permeate ISA culture. Can the Cyberevolved break the iron grip the government has on the minds of the masses? Tune in and find out...
This seocnd of the Documents of the Revolution series takes the CyberRevolution onto the airwaves as the tools of the Media in 2027 are brought to bear. Radio, Television, Virtuality, and Braindance are the weapons in this duel to either free or enslave the thoughts of America. From new broadcast technology to the pirate stations that use it, MediaFront shows you the means to wage this new kind of war. You can subvert the Machine with the glamorous Lookers, or spraypaint over government propslogs with the artistic Taggers. But you'd better do something, because the ISA is on-the-air and in-your-face!
The MediaFront Sourcebook includes:
* A new Evolved type uniquely suited for this environment: the Jammer
* Two New Yogangs: The Lookers and the Taggers
* All sorts of new media-related technology and gear
* A profile of the Badass Dog, an underground TV station and the people who run it
* Guidelines for setting up your own broadcasting group
* A complete adventure set in the midst of a media campaign in which the fate of the cyberevolved may be decided!
80 pages

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