MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

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MTA - DESTINY'S PRICE (Mage: the Ascension)

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Kategória: Mage: the Ascension

Ár: 4650 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 5991

The Test

The wet street mirrored the neon and the dark equally, impassively. At my feet, another life. I swallowed, knelt, felt her faltering pulse. I caressed her cheek. A caress like the angel of death. My throat tightened: Why do I stay? As if in response, the dying girl whispered, `Hold me.`
`At which price such power?` asked Siehchang. And again: `At what price such knowledge?`
I was silent. How could I respond?
`Indeed,` he said, `who can answer fully to destiny's price?`

~ Kiki Siehchang, Verbena Mater, from 'The Dialogues of Siehchang and Ortega'

The Price

The streets offer endless questions. This book, however, holds many answers for the Gothic-Punk troupe. Within its pages, players and Storytellers will find characters, settings, new rules, street gear, and some harsh truths about the urban nightmare, including:

* A guided tour of the streets by one who knows them.
* Dozens of characters, settings and weapons, plus details about organized criminal groups.
* Source material for Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith and even Changeling.


This Black Dog Mage release looks at the unhappy lot of Sleepers in the modern inner city. To mages interested in improving the human condition, these dark alleys and concrete hells present an eternal dilemma. How does one inspire hope in places where none exists? Destiny's Price focuses on the humanity, desperation and rage beneath the endless statistics of violent crimes. It includes Storyteller tips, ready-to-run characters and locations, tactics, information on organized groups and more.

Authors: Forrest Black, Phil Brucato, Beth Fischi, Amelia G., Steven S. Long

128 pages
Trade Paperback

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