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MTG - Booster Pack - Guilds of Ravnica

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Star Wars - ESSENTIAL CHRONOLOGY, THE (used) (Albumok / Albums)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Star Wars - ESSENTIAL CHRONOLOGY, THE (used)

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`After the fall of the Empire, many archives were opened and hidden information came to the attention of scholars across the galaxy. We are at a crux point in history... Citizens of the New Republic must know their history - a rich and glorious tradition, [with] many dark mistakes. We must learn from both.`
~ New Republic Historical Council

The story is one that began many thousands of years before the birth of Luke Skywalker... or Anakin Skywalker... or even Obi-Wan Kenobi. It spans galaxies, encompasses kingdoms and powerful dynasties, chronicles wars, and charts the rise and fall of individuals who changed the course of their times. Now, at last, the many strands of this extraordinary saga are drawn together - from the original movies, from the novels, from every verifiable source - and tied together in one, comprehensive volume.

* Learn about the Great Hyperspace War that divided the ancient Jedi Knights
* Discover the colorful adventures of the rogue heroes Han Solo and Lando Calrissian
* Experience the overthrow of the Empire, the birth of the New Republic, the founding of Skywalker's Jedi academy, the marriage of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, and much more!

Relive the legendary events. Catch up with the action you missed. Explore the saga of Star Wars from the very beginning - in one, authoritative essential guide!

Authors: Kevin J. Anderson, Daniel Wallace, Bill Hughes

208 pages
Trade Paperback

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