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Tale of the Eternal Champion - 07. THE DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME (Michael Moorcock)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Tale of the Eternal Champion - 07. THE DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME

Kategória: Michael Moorcock

Ár: 2990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 7436

Michael Moorcock

Enter a decadent far, far future society, a time when anything is possible; where words like `conscience` are meaningless, and where heart-felt love blossoms between Mrs Amelia Underwood, an unwilling time-traveller, and Jherek Carnelian, a bemused denizen from the End of Time. Full of wild romance and rich, dark decadence, it is a world nearing its end...

The seventh omnibus volume, complete and fully authorised of Michael Moorcock's great fantasy sequence, The Tale of the Eternal Champion; the supreme achievement in modern imaginative literature.

Contains: An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs.

Comedy from blatant farce to blackest irony. And in and around the funny bits is that inimitable, unquenchable, unparalelled Moorcock imagination at full throttle!
~ Tribune

An Alien Heat

The Last Story in the Annals of the human race.

When Jherek Carnelian meets Amelia Underwood, a lady time-traveller from 1896, he determines to posses her - and finds himself being plunged backwards in time to Victorian London. An Alien Heat is set in a world of crazy, jewelled cities with ripe, rotting technologies.
~ An Alien heat. London: Grafton, 1989.

The Hollow Lands

Continuing the last story in the annals of The Human Race.

Having narrowly escaped death in Victorian England, Jherek Carnelian is back in his own time. But without his love, Amelia Underwood. His obsession with her has not abated but Brannart Morphail refuses to lend him another time machine and he is stranded...

Until one faithful day he meets Robot Nurse, guardian of ageless children, who agrees to send him back to 19th century London. In the fashionable Cafe Royale two worlds and two cultures collide and Jherek's plight becomes more desperate...
~ The Hollow Lands. Herts: Mayflower, 1975.

The End of All Songs

Marooned by a faulty time-machine back at the Earth's beginning, Jherek Carnelian and Amelia Underwood seem set at last to consummate their love in a Palaeozoic Eden. Until, rescued by passing time-travellers, they are whisked once more to the End of Time - and a dying universe.

Facing oblivion with them are the relentless Inspector Springer and his band of Victorian constables, still determined to apprehend all suspects; the Lat, eternal juvenile delinquents, blaspheming, raping and pillaging to the last; Mr Underwood, firmly convinced he has been kidnapped to Hell; and the decadent, pleasure-seeking inhabitants of the End of Time. including the ever-energetic, Machiavellian Lord Jagged, the master-magician who, is an dazzling cosmic finale, reveals all...
~ The End of All Songs. London: Mayflower, 1977.

This is the way to outsmart the apocalypse...

Jherek Carnelian, the Hero at the End of Time, and his lady love, Amelia Underwood, have unexpectedly travelled to the dawn of the Palaeozoic Era, where they enjoy Lower Devonian tea with a company of aliens and the Guild of Temporal Adventurers. Scotland Yard's Inspector Springer is hot on their trail, however, so it's back to the End of Time - where doom draws near. If only they could stop the final cataclysm! Or, at least, ignore it...

Featuring: Wedding Bells at the End of Time.
~ The End of All Songs. New York: Ace Books, 1988.

664 pages

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