MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

MTG - Throne of Eldraine - PRERELEASE PACK

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MTG - BETRAYERS OF KAMIGAWA - SPIRITCRAFT Preconstructed Deck (Magic the Gathering CCG)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! MTG - BETRAYERS OF KAMIGAWA - SPIRITCRAFT Preconstructed Deck

Kategória: Magic the Gathering CCG

Ár: 3990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 8581

Betrayers of Kamigawa

As the spirit war raged in Kamigawa, those close to the daimyo Konda began to fear for his sanity. He remained high above the world, locked away in Eiganjo Castle, and none save his most trusted advisors were given audience. His isolation drove his willful daughter Michiko away from Eiganjo; she sought the truth regarding the war's beginnings, as well as why her father shut himself off from everything - even his only child.

Meanwhile, the rogue samurai Toshiro Umezawa traveled a winding path across the realm, from Numai - where he survived a soratami assassin's ambush - to the high reaches of Shinka Keep, then through the orochi colonies deep within Jukai Forest, his fate on a collision course with that of Konda's daughter. Coerced into servitude by the dread Myojin of Night's Reach, yet sworn to protect Lady Michiko, Toshiro had to rely solely on his cunning to stay alive.

Even as Toshiro struggled to navigate his way through a maze of allegiances, Michiko traveled to the fabled Minamo School, where she began uncovering treacheries deeper than any imaginable. To make matters worse, the war was taking an unexpected turn: an unimaginably powerful kami, the O-Kagachi, had begun to manifest in the material world, devouring Kamigawa itself piece by piece.

The war with the Spirit World continues.
Meet the Betrayers of Kamigawa!

The war against the spirits rages on, and the Betrayers of Kamigawa set thickens the plot. Turn the tables on your opponents with Ninja, the patron kami, and brand-new pitch spells.

Bushido - Creatures that follow the Japanese `way of the warrior` become bigger when they fight other creatures in combat.
Ninjutsu - Whenever you're facing a deck with Betrayers of Kamigawa cards, you'll never be sure if that innocent attacker is, in reality, a deadly ninja, ready to cast off its disguise and kill your creatures or ravage your hand or graveyard.
Patrons - The creatures of Kamigawa worship their patron kami, which can come into play shockingly early and have huge, game-swinging effects.
Genju - Even the land gets into the act!

Betrayers of Kamigawa SPIRITCRAFT Theme Deck

Permanents with `spiritcraft` have abilities that trigger `whenever you play a Spirit or Arcane spell.` Since nearly every nonland card in the `Spiritcraft` deck is either a Spirit or an Arcane spell, nearly every spell you play has the potential to generate two, three, or even more bonus effects for free! With all these crazy abilities at your disposal, a properly timed Arcane spell can send your opponent's head - and creatures - spinning.

Most of the time, you'll want to play your Spirit creatures before you attack so that your other creatures will benefit from those spiritcraft abilities before combat. The best time to use your Arcane instants, however, is right after your opponent blocks (or right after you block). Say you attack with Horizon Seed, Kami of the Hunt, and Scaled Hulk. After your opponent blocks, you play Blessed Breath. Because each of your three spiritcraft creatures generates a bonus effect, not only will you give a creature protection from a color, but Kami of the Hunt gets +1/+1 and the Hulk gets +2/+2, plus you'll get to regenerate a creature. Not bad for playing one simple spell! Better yet, if you then play another Arcane spell, you get all those extra effects again! Since your opponents can't be sure how many Arcane cards you have in your hand, they'll never know exactly how to handle your creatures.

Another way you can get more free effects with this deck is by using cards' `splice onto Arcane` abilities. If you have Kodama's Might and Vital Surge in your hand as you play a Blessed Breath, you can pay o1oGoGoW to form one monster Blessed Breath! You get all three effects, but only one card goes to your graveyard. Choose carefully which of your Arcane cards you play and which you want to reuse later.

To improve this deck, try adding inexpensive spiritcraft cards with big effects. Baku Altar pumps out a steady stream of 1/1 Spirit tokens (which unfortunately don't trigger spiritcraft abilities when they come into play). The Champions of Kamigawa set's Soilshaper has a spiritcraft ability that turns a land into a 3/3 creature for a turn, giving you extra attackers or surprise blockers. And Long-Forgotten Gohei from the same set gives all your Spirits +1/+1 and makes all your Arcane spells cost o1 less. Talk about the best of both worlds!


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