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WHITE DWARF 310 (10/2005) (White Dwarf / Inferno)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! WHITE DWARF 310 (10/2005)

Kategória: White Dwarf / Inferno

Ár: 1850 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 9355

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's monthly hobby supplement, an essential publication for everyone who is interested in any aspect of the Games Workshop hobby. Modelling, painting, terrain building, new rules, scenarios and more from the Games Development Studio can be found within its hallowed pages, while the armies and models of hobbyists we showcase provide a wealth of inspiration and ideas to try out on your own forces. It's also your guide to the hobby community, providing you with information about clubs, hobby centres, events and tournaments so you need never be short of an opponent or someone to talk to about the best way to win Golden Demon.

With tons of supplementary material on armies, plus Games Workshop news and details of all our latest games and models, White Dwarf is not to be missed.

In this issue:

Crusaders of the Emperor: Soon the Black Templars will take the Emperor's light to the dark corners of the galaxy once more with a brand new Codex. Graham McNeil dons his power armour and gives us a taste of what to expect in Codex: Black Templars.

Faith and Fury: Dominic Murray talks to ex-'Eavy Metal painter David Rodriguez about how he built and painted the Chapter Master's Land Raider. While Matt Parkes explains how he designed and built the Chapter Master for the Crimson Fists.

Dok Butcha: Huron Blackheart: Huron Blackheart of the Red Corsairs takes form ably modelled by John Shaffer.

Chapter Approved: Kill Team Nemesis: Scrivener Hoare and his Servo-Fabricator Phil Kelly unveil a set of rules for including some really large and frightening bad guys in your Kill-team Brute squads.

Waaagh! Grishnak!: Grand Warlord Adrian Wood describes how he's converted a new Warboss and retinue to lead his army, and how he used clan colours to emphasise the army's character.

Painting Masterclass: Painting Faces: A winner of several Golden Demon awards, Matt Parkes is a master of the painting craft. Here, he details some of the techniques he uses for one of the most difficult areas of model paintig - the face.

The Gnoblar Horde: Not content with their role as the diminutive slaves of their Ogre masters, Kevin J. Coleman presents rules with which to deploy a massed Gnoblar army.

Gnoblar Culture: An insight into the Society of the Ogres' servants and how they scrape a living from the boots of their Ogre masters.

Return of the Lichemaster: Part Two: Part Two: Dust to Dust - Imperial year 2497. Mat Ward returns to Athel Loren to find Kemmler in the midst of raising an undead army, unaware that an alliance between the Forest Spirits abd a Grail Knight is being forged.

Warhammer Chronicles: Dark Places of the World: With the release of Warhammer Realms: Lustria, we thought it would be a good time to delve into some of the dark forests of the Warhammer world and show you how to use the ideas about jungle fighting in these places.

Knightly Orders of the Empire: The Empire is home to many orders of heroic knights, now you can create your own.

Battle Report: Into the Dark: Games Developer Adam Troke reports on a series of tense and exciting games from the new Mines of Moria introductory boxed set. In control of the forces are White Dwarf's own Andy Stewart and Sean Turtle.

Battling in the Box: How to make a Balin's Tomb gaming board from the Mines of Moria box. Ensuring that nothing goes to waste Adam Troke explains how to make a gaming board from the empty box.

Might, Will and Fate: Adam Troke looks at the herioc trinity of Might, Will and Fate and how they can be used during games of The Lord of The Rings to achieve the best results.

Leading the Charge: As befits their status, Captains are a great addition to any The Lord of The Rings force. Here, Dominic Murray demonstrates how to personalise and convert Captains to make them stand out from the rank-and-file soldiers of your army.

The Ruines of Osgiliath: Creating The Lord of The Rings wargaming terrain, from inspiration to execution.

Scenario: The Battle for Rhosgobel: Mat Ward introduces a new scenario that sees the Wizard Radagast the Brown intercept a large band of Goblins and Wargs before it attacks a small village on the foothills of Hithaeglir.

Dawn of War: Winter Assault: The critically accalimed PC strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is set to make a dramatic return. The new Winter Assault expansion pack takes the action to the chillier climes and turns up the heat on the battlefield.

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