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Akciós csomag - AD&D Adventure Pack - Wizard of Time Travel (General AD&D)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! Akciós csomag - AD&D Adventure Pack - Wizard of Time Travel

Kategória: General AD&D

Ár: 5990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 9949

Original price: 12.600 Ft

WIZARD'S VALE (For 4-8 characters of skill levels 3 to 7)

Werewolf terrorizes Wizard's Vale,
Fez discovers fateful prophecies,
Liches play killer bridge game!

Fez, the Wizard of Time Travel, has stumbled upon predictions which will have a profound impact on his future (whatever that means to a time-travelling wizard). The prophecies state that a `band raised from the dead` will help a wizard defeat a dragon. Fez can now overcome his lifelong enemy, the evil dragon Scarsnout! Unfortunately, the band's members have little memory of who they were before they were raised. Also, a werewolf has killed the only person who knew the Player Characters' identities. Now, the adventurers must regain their memories and obtain the items necessary to fulfill the prophecies (while trying not to disturb the liches' bridge game)! In this adventure, the Player Characters must solve riddles and think their way out of sticky messes to survive and successfully aid the wizard Fez. Wizard's Vale includes maps of Fez's castle. Among the resurrected Player Characters are a lammasu and a twentieth-century human.

THE CONTRACT (For 4-8 characters of skill levels 3 to 8)

The wizard Fez has faith in the abilities of adventurers. But Mephistopheles isn't as confident. So a pact was made between the wizard and the demon. As each bargained madly to outdo the other's bet, Fez was trapped in a magical sleep. More than just a wizard's pact is at stake as you strive to accomplish the seven `impossible` tasks. FEZ II is a module which will challenge your ability to overcome dangers, solver problems, and adjust quickly to the unexpected. It was the wizard Fez that made the deal with the demon, but it is you who must make good on... THE CONTRACT.

ANGRY WIZARD (For 3-6 characters of skill levels 1-4)

At the beck of Fez, a time traveling Wizard, you begin an adventure unlike any other. No matter how courageous are your characters, they will view the dread challenge ahead through different eyes. Claw your way through opponents and hazards on a mission for ANGRY WIZARD. He has guaranteed each hero or conjurer the time of their lives, soon you realize that it may be the time of your death instead. Ah, but the wealth and magic beckon you forward.

WIZARD'S REVENGE (For 4-8 characters of skill levels 3 to 8)

Golden Forest left in ruin.
Dwarf mountain lies in collapse.
Illinois leads Ohio at the half!

As the Wizard Fez lies comatose, the fates of twin civilizations rest with a group of embittered Dwarves and resentful Elves. Their greatest ally? Fez himself! The demon Mephistopheles conjured a younger, inexperienced Fez to aid the band of adventurers in their quest to purify Land Anew of its corruptive Evil. But how can an old and a young Fez possibly exist at the same time? And could even these forces triumph over the malevolent influence of the Lich, Lorrmar? Battle alongside Dwarven and Elven adventurers and the mighty Wizards Fez as they struggle to complete a less than certain WIZARD'S REVENGE.

WIZARD'S BETRAYAL (For 4-8 characters of skill levels 4 to 8)

Aliens have landed at Half-Mile Plateau.
Fez's entire world is in danger.
Half-price special on Sparrow Village sightseeing tours!

Fez, the Wizard of Time Travel, is a prisoner within an alien spacecraft. All three of his servants have betrayed him. Alone and trapped, he bravely fights for Time. Set Fez free to save his world!

WIZARD'S DILEMMA (For 4-6 characters of skill levels 4 to 6)

Mountains move hundreds of miles overnight!
Fez placed in mortal danger!
Sentient bed chased by metal-eating monster!

Amidst an already-strange world which has been turned inside-out, Fez, the Wizard of Time Travel, face the ultimate choice: cease to exist and set the universe right, or seek his long-lost daughter and allow the universe to destroy itself. You are Fez's only hope for survival! Only by fulfilling a set of ancient prophecies can you enable the wizard to remain alive and be united with his child.

Wizard's Dilemma places you in situations never before experienced by fantasy role-players. In a universe where anything is possible, you can meet talking mice, appear on a game show, be harassed by a smart aleck minah bird, and even serve on a jury while one of the Fez authors appears as a gorilla and is brought to trial! Wizard's Dilemma includes these special items: Singing Sword, Staff of Balance, the Lich's Staff.

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