D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - ORCUS, DEMON LORD OF UNDEATH Premium Figure

D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - ORCUS, DEMON LORD OF UNDEATH Premium Figure

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BIRTHRIGHT NOVEL COLLECTION (used) (Other Dungeons & Dragons)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! BIRTHRIGHT NOVEL COLLECTION (used)

Kategória: Other Dungeons & Dragons

Ár: 18950 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 35005

Simon Hawke
Anuire. The Great Empire...
It rose from the wreckage of gods-death, from the tumbled lands where the panthenon had died to stop one of its own from destroying the world. In the chaos after Deismaar, one man, Roele, founded an empire that would span the continent and last a millenium. The blood-power in his veins strengthened the new land and coursed through the Roeles that followed him to the throne. In time, that same blood flowed into the heart of the Emperor Michael Roele. Ten centurires have passed since Deismaar, and Anuire still stands. But so too does one of the greatest villians created in the gods-death - the brutal and power-hungry Gorgon. The Gorgon seeks to destroy the ancient empire, and to drink the blood-power of Roeles from the heart of Emperor Michael...
Page Count: 504

Dixie Lee McKeone
When gnolls attack a caravan of humans heading toward the Sielwode Forest, only young Cald Dasheft survives. Perhaps a worse fate awaits him, though. He is found by the dreaded Sielwode Elves, who intend to slay him. They know that even a single human child suffered to live could one day destroy the great heart of the forest.
But the elves also know compassion.
Now, Cald has grown to manhood among the elves. He has proven himself a brave and skilled warrior, though to many elves, he is still an outsider. Even so, worse outsiders are entering the forest. In a sacred grove of twisted trees, a portal has opened to the Shadow World, and undead are pouring from it. These otherwordly invaders would be bad enough by themselves, though their very presence has caught the attention of the Gorgon, who wishes to lay claim to these undead armies.
Gnolls, undead, the Gorgon... and one elf-raised human boy. Who will bring about the Sielwode's destruction and who will become its Greatheart?
Page Count: 320

John Betancourt
An unholy pact...
Ulrich Graben, a Brecht pirate king, led a small outlaw fleet from the Zweilunds to the icy, hospitable lands at the mouth of the Krakennauricht. There he ruthlessly carved out a kingdom for himself in the shadow of Drachenward.
It is rumored that Ulrich made some unholy pact with the infamous Hag for the powers to free the land from the savage orog and goblin tribes, and lay his own claim to the domain... but all contracts have a price.
Page Count: 286

Dixie Lee McKeone
Ambition and Destiny drive one man to confront the insane spell of the Spiderfell.
When Richard Endier fights to establish new lands for a growing community of followers, he knows he will one day face the mighty Tal-Qazar. Once a goblin soldier, now a dreaded awnshegh, the Spider King guards his forest kingdom with cruel madness. With his people at his side, Richard battles the Spider King's army of goblins and giant spiders, knowing that one day the Spider himself will join the fray.
Richard Endier has no choice. For the sake of his people, he must meet the Spider on the creature's own ground in a batte of wit and deception. The future of a new kingdom hangs in the balance.
Page Count: 308

Simon Hawke
Michael Roele died trying to save his empire. Now it is fraught with anarchy and intrigue as heirs, pretenders, and usurpers vie for power, threatening to tear the realm asunder. A new savior is needed - one who will ascend to the Iron Throne and lead the empire out of chaos. But until that time, the empire will be ravaged by war.
appr. 350 pages

Used copies, condition: good

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