D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - ORCUS, DEMON LORD OF UNDEATH Premium Figure

D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - ORCUS, DEMON LORD OF UNDEATH Premium Figure

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MEKTON Z Collection (Abszolút ínyenceknek)

Kattints ide a nagyításért! MEKTON Z Collection

Kategória: Abszolút ínyenceknek

Ár: 34990 Ft

Szállítás: Raktárról

Termékszám: 5072


Build it. Fight it. Live it.
Screamin' combat, stylish characters, and amazing `mecha` action! It's the world of Japanese animated giant robot shhows, hitting your TV at the speed of light.
Build it. Now, create your own super combat machines, with streamlined construction rules for all types of mecha, from humanoid warriors, to transformable automobiles, to kilometer-long star-cruisers!
Fight it. Fast, detailed rules covering all kinds of anime combat action, from planet-busting devestation to kung fu blows!
Live it. Now, become the hero of your own anime roleplaying adventures with Mekton Zeta.
The one, true, anime role-playing game! An entirely new edition of the hit anime-based mecha-RPG, with new artwork from cover to cover, revised and updated rules, and a new campaign world as well! Mecha construction and combat are better than ever, allowing players maximum diversity and flexibility. Compatible with Mekton II and the Mekton Techbook, Mekton Z is a must-have for old and new Mekton players alike, as well as anyone interested in the world of Japanese animation.
160 Pages, Perfect Bound.
`Kicks Ass!`
~ Woody Eblom, Tundra Sales Organization.


Take your MEKTON adventures to the stars!
MEKTON EMPIRE is a complete sourcebook compatible with any science fiction campaign. Complete with over a hundred planets, alien races, Galactic Emperors, new mecha and weapon rules, spaceships and space ship combat, psionics - even the mysteries of the long-vanished Ancients. And MEKTON EMPIRE allows you to tailor your universe the way you want it!
Full color map of the Bendar Spiral Galaxy!
Unique `pick your own planets` system!
Ship to ship combat and mecha boarding action!
MEKTON EMPIRE. Now the Universe is yours!

* MEKTON Z PLUS - Advanced Technical Manual

Welcome to Mekton Zeta Plus, the preferred source for informed mecha mashers. Within these pages you will find many improvements and refinements of the basic Mekton Zeta game; these changes and additions complete the advanced version of the game. From the most comprehensive (and usable) mechanical-design system ever published to new combat rules, this book has it all. Mekton Zeta Plus is the ultimate tool for the advanced Mekton Zeta player.
The heart of Mekton Zeta Plus is the Mekton Technical System, with which players and referees can build literally any mechanism they can imagine; this section includes a sample construction procedure, which takes the reader through the MTS design process step-by-step. MTS is capped off with scaling rules, which expand MTS to handle any size design, from a pocket-sized switchblade to a planet-busting battlecruiser.
With the same vigor found in MTS, Mekton Zeta Plus takes the game's rules to new levels of playability. In the advanced rules section, the immeasurable powers of the mind explode into Mekton Z - the psionics system not only applies to characters, but interfaces with MTS (see the ESPer lens) for an incredible new dimension in mecha combat: Psyber-Psychic Mecha Conflict! Other new rules include expanded terrain explanations, new combat maneuvers and tips on how to speed play. The Advanced Rules Section ends with a discussion of how to mix Mekton Zeta with RTG's other Interlock System games, particularly Cyberpunk.


The Terran-Imperial war turned the cold depths of space into a raging inferno, a firestorm of blazing plasma weaponry wielded by rampaging metallic warriors - Mektons!
In the pages of this, the second of the Mekton Mecha Manuals, are all the mecha and their variations (47 in all) fielded by both the brave Terrans and the fearsome Imperials.
But there's more! These Invasion Terra Files also give full descriptions of 14 major characters and 14 Starships, as well as history and background info. If you've wanted to roleplay in the Mekton world of `Invasion Terra` or if you just like mecha, then THIS is the book for you!

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D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - GARGANTUAN WHITE DRAGON: ARVEIATURACE Premium Figure

D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - GARGANTUAN WHITE DRAGON: ARVEIATURACE Premium Figure

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